More than 50 years of history have always been a Boutique Abbracciavento an important point of reference for what concerns the sartorial tradition in Puglia.

Under the watchful gaze of Mary Abbracciavento, learning from her mastery, dozens of head-seamstresses and countless girls passed by here to “learn the craft”, helped to shape and modify beautiful garments made even more unique.



Competence, accuracy, punctuality, are just the spearhead of the tailoring service offered by the Boutique Abbracciavento. The garments purchased almost always require modifications to be customized to the body of the wearer, especially if it is ceremonial dresses.

Strong knowledge derived from the long history of bespoke tailoring, the laboratory works in synergy with the sales sector to guarantee a perfect result, without unpleasant surprises, that satisfies even the most demanding clientele.

Boutique Abbracciavento

Via Cesare Battisti, 8, 74015 Martina Franca
T. +39 080 480 7151 | info@abbracciavento.eu