The history of Boutique Abbracciavento begins in the heart of the Itria Valley, in the early sixties. At that time Martina Franca was of men’s and women’s sartorial shops of high-level manufacturing. It is among these shops, very “homemade”, that the professional path of Maria Abbracciavento begins.

A tenacious and determined woman, who decides to pursue her dream of fashion opening in 1964, just twenty-four years the “Atelier Parisien”. Here the garments are invented and sewn to the customers, choosing with imagination and originality the most glamorous solutions, suitable for the female public Martinese already since attentive to the dictates of fashion.



Over time, the tailoring gives way to the package and Atelier Parisien becomes a Boutique Abbracciavento. Today we are at the second generation: Rosapina collects the inheritance of the mother, reinventing the collections while maintaining the roots in the solidity of the past, which is enclosed in these words: competence, good taste, originality.

Today the real strength of the boutique is represented not only by the collections and brands proposed, but also and above all by its All-Female Team: A harmony of different characters and temperaments, united by the passion for fashion, creativity and a good coffee.

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